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 What is Digital Friends?

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PostSubject: What is Digital Friends?   Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:51 am

Here are some rules and notes that would help you to become a Digidestined and have fun from this game!

My advice for you - first remember rules you signed "I agree" when registrating. NEy were the basics, and here I`ll explain you what is Digital Friends.

This site was made when I managed to find DigimonSpirit. I thought - that would be cool to create a role-laying game on Digimons, and - here is is. Now - what you have to do before start playing.

You must create your own character. Create a topic here:
You must write about who is your character, his digimon, how did they met each other and so on. As an example I`ve created my own topic, here it is:

So, once you`ve completed your topic, you can use full site abilities. Here are some of them:
1. The Game - A group of children can gain together and come to digital dimension, seeking for adventures. It`s more like digimon seasons - complete story about kid`s in Digital World. Join the group if you want to come with them. If you missed the group, don`t worry - you can create your own group or even go there by yourself! But be carefull - it might be dangerous.

2. Land of Quests - Here you can take three types of Quests - Elementary (for newbies), EXP (for advanced tamers) and Hard (for profesionals). Also there is special type of Quest - Extreme, or Perfect, it`s usually connected to one of sturylines from "The Game".

3. Arena - And here you can play a role of a real digimon tamer - fight other tamers, fight in Group fighting, win Tournaments, use Challenge rings to master yourself and take (or give) a hit of justice in Duel Rings! The more powerfull you become, the more interesting is to fight, right?

Also we have here interesting and for some reason unique Our Digital World, with our own-creation digimons, music, videos, forum games... Come and joy!

And - if you want to become a real international tamer - we have here special feature - Digital Friends. It`s an international community that connects small sites and really huge ones, like Digimon Spirit and Digital Gate. In Digital Friends we disscuss different problems, for example, editing animes, official releases.. Jish, we can even contact to main anime editors to ask them for help! So if you want to help us - just join and PM HYPNOS.

Ah, yes. There are three main teams here - HYPNOS, their duty is to keep peace here (so if you are mature, spell like (&$*%^(& and so on and so on - you`ll meet them, and I don`t think it will be a peacefull meeting. DATA tea maked new digimons, locations, takes NPC roles and all the stuff like that. And Digidestined - all newbies become Digidestined if they wish. Also there is inner group - HYPNOS Ring - that is heart of this forum.

Is you have any suggestins, or see something is wrong - reply to HYPNOS Entrance hall.

As soon as you`ll make your topic you`ll get a Rating topic that records all your posibilities and features. The more you become experienced in game, Quest or Arena - the more stuff and abilities you have.

So - nice to meet you here!

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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What is Digital Friends?
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