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 Yuki and Monodramon

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Partner`s info
Health (Stamina):
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PostSubject: Yuki and Monodramon   Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:25 am

EXP - 1500
Digivice - 3 season
Cards - Advanced power stock
Crest - Moon
Digieggs - Courage
DNA partner - no one
Spirit - nothing
Element - Nothing
Dark Crest - Nothing
Rank - Hypnos Member, DATA team
Quests Completed - None
Arena fights:
One to one - 1 (winner)
Group fight - None
Tournament - None
Storylines - Walkthrough (Going under)
ShadowSeraphymon (Yuki`s story)

EXP (Digivolving) - 500
EXP (Battle) - 500
Max level reached - Elemental
Matrix digivolution - +
Card Slash evolution - +
DNA digivolution - unable
Crest digivolution - +
Digiegg digivolution - Able
Burst evolution - unable
Spirit evolution - unable
Hyper spirit evolution - unable

Digimons beaten - 3
Battle Cores - 10

Cheerful,kind and always liked mystery like her own father,Ryo.Always active, always positive.likes music and table card games.Self-assured, always helpful, if someone is in need. she`s calm,argue sometimes, changes everything into joke when it is boring.Good, but sometimes speaks something horrible.Plays a violin with her twin little brother Takasaki.Student,spends a great amount of playing card games and playing with her partner Monodramon even plays card games.Kinda like an expert in card games but dosen't really join in competition.Learns Tai-chi.Her partner is the closest friend.Yuki dosen't have any friends in school because of her interest is playing cards game.Yuki's parents is Akiyama Ryo and Ruki Makino.Shows her problems only to Monodramon or her parents.Tries to solve her problems by her own.Scares at lizard and spiders.Never tries to force Monodramon into battles coz it's digivolution is hard to control except it is a unavoidable battle.

+ For being a Digital Friends member and being active for so long time here`s a special Digital Founder Card:
+1000 Personal EXP
+200 both Battle and Digivolving EXP.
This gives your digimon ability to digivolve up to Elemental. Congratulations!

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Yuki and Monodramon
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