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 Digital Reincarnation

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PostSubject: Re: Digital Reincarnation   Tue May 20, 2008 4:39 pm

Mainly this will be a very very rare ability. It involves a tamer's digimon to die, but then their digital core was absorbed by the tamer's digivice. Now the tamer can call upon their power and basically place it in themselves. So in a way this is similar to how Beelzemon Buster Mode was able to use Fist of the Beast King, which was Leomon's attack, but since he was absorbed by Beelzemon, Beelzemon can now use it. Its the same principle but its not a digimon using the "absorbed" digimon's ability, it is the Tamer who had the now deceased Digimon, but because of a close relationship the Digimon's core stayed and attached itself to its digivice.

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Digital Reincarnation
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