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 Aether Key and Eoquinmon

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PostSubject: Aether Key and Eoquinmon   Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:03 am

Aether Key:
EXP - 500
Digivice - Season 3 model
Cards - Middle power stock
Crest - Joy
Digieggs - nothing
DNA partner - no one
Spirit - nothing
Element - Nothing
Dark Crest - nothing
Rank - Digidestined
Quests Completed - None
Arena fights:
One to one - None
Group fight - None
Tournament - None
Storylines - None

EXP (Digivolving) - 500
EXP (Battle) - 500
Max level reached - Champion
Matrix digivolution - Able
Card Slash evolution - Able
DNA digivolution - unable
Crest digivolution - unable
Digiegg digivolution - unable
Burst Evolution - unable
Spirit evolution - unable
Hyper spirit evolution - unable

Digimons beaten - 0
Battle Cores - 0

A bit hot headed and a very fun personality, he's about as close to a gogglehead without goggles as you can get. A little random at times, but he's a nice kid overall.

A dark blue digimon that looks like Demidevimon but with white feathered wings and a dragon-like tail. It has a strange symbol on its forehead.

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This gives your digimon ability to digivolve up to Champion. Congratulations!

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Aether Key and Eoquinmon
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