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 Scott and Agumon X

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Partner`s info
Health (Stamina):
100/200  (100/200)
100/250  (100/250)

PostSubject: Scott and Agumon X   Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:07 am

EXP - 500
Digivice - Season 3 model
Cards - Middle power stock
Crest - Power
Digieggs - nothing
DNA partner - no one
Spirit - nothing
Element - Nothing
Dark Crest - nothing
Rank - Digidestined
Quests Completed - None
Arena fights:
One to one - None
Group fight - None
Tournament - None
Storylines - None

Agumon X
EXP (Digivolving) - 500
EXP (Battle) - 500
Max level reached - Champion
Matrix digivolution - Able
Card Slash evolution - Able
DNA digivolution - unable
Crest digivolution - unable
Digiegg digivolution - unable
Burst Evolution - unable
Spirit evolution - unable
Hyper spirit evolution - unable

Digimons beaten - 0
Battle Cores - 0

He is a friendly out going guy. He often spends time playing his guitar and having card battles with his friends.

People often refer to him as scott's twin brother as he often acts like scott. As he digivolves he gains more of a warrior's attitude towards battles and never gives up no matter how hard the battle.

+ For being a Digital Friends member and being active for so long time here`s a Digital Member Card:
+5000 Personal EXP
+100 both Battle and Digivolving EXP.
This gives your digimon ability to digivolve up to Champion. Congratulations!

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Scott and Agumon X
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