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 Drew and BlackGuilmon

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PostSubject: Drew and BlackGuilmon   Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:09 am

EXP - 500
Digivice - Season 3 model
Cards - Middle power stock
Crest - Control
Digieggs - nothing
DNA partner - no one
Spirit - nothing
Element - Nothing
Dark Crest - nothing
Rank - Digidestined
Quests Completed - None
Arena fights:
One to one - None
Group fight - None
Tournament - None
Storylines - None

EXP (Digivolving) - 500
EXP (Battle) - 500
Max level reached - Champion
Matrix digivolution - Able
Card Slash evolution - Able
DNA digivolution - unable
Crest digivolution - unable
Digiegg digivolution - unable
Burst Evolution - unable
Spirit evolution - unable
Hyper spirit evolution - unable

Digimons beaten - 0
Battle Cores - 0

Drew is an average guy. His house is surrounded by fields and he has farm animals(chickens, sheep, llama, dog, cats). Though he might be an average guy he is kind of shy. Yet when he was with his friends he was very outgoing and loves to help them out. But there is a slight dark side to him that nobody, possibly himself, doesn’t even know about. Many of his friends still like digimon, but they wouldn’t tell others about it. Drew is about the only one who tells people that he still likes digimon and stuff. He doesn’t care what other people think of him, because he knows who he is and what he likes. Digimon were real to him, though this he told no one about. This is one of the things that he knew if it got out he would be the laughing stock or crazy kid of the year. Though he did try to tell some of his friends they just laughed and said “You’re one crazy person,” and left it at that. So he just kept watching the shows and collected a few cards, mostly his favorites, and kept his thought alive that digimon were real. But sometimes he doubted even himself. He always snapped out of it and reminded himself that dreams can come true if you just keep it alive and going.

BlackGuilmon is the complete opposite of Drew. He is always out going and wants to do many things in a short amount of time. He has a very bad temper and in a fight it’s very hard to call him off. Most of the time he always asks Drew to go to the Digital World. But sometimes BlackGuilmon can be patient and nice. Sometimes its hard to see who is training who. Is it Drew taming BlackGuilmon or is it BlackGuilmon taming Drew? This is because some of BlackGuilmons personality runs off on Drew.

+ For being a Digital Friends member and being active for so long time here`s a Digital Member Card:
+5000 Personal EXP
+100 both Battle and Digivolving EXP.
This gives your digimon ability to digivolve up to Champion. Also it gives you your first Crest of Control. Congratulations!

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Drew and BlackGuilmon
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