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 Walkthrough - Let the journey begin!

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PostSubject: Walkthrough - Let the journey begin!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:31 am

//I think it is kinda fun to start a little fight.;P//

"'s kinda smart for being so suspicious about the things that happen to him,you see
well ok the first thing is the mini laptop right?"said Yuki. R.S stay silent then Yuki continued
"It's because my mini laptop has a very strong protective system so he can't bring it here for whoevers touches it well will get hurt so he says ' I forgot where it is place.'.
"Secondly,he cares me more than my my parents is because when we were five,both our parents were at work then Taka-chan is in our room and I"m in the living room.Then a man broke into our house and Taka-chan came out and the man was holding me in his left hand and kick Taka-chan at the stomach.".said Yuki
"Taka-chan faint that time and Taka-chan woke up but I was not there already,he called the police and our parents,the police found me in a broken house they brought me back home and me and Taka-chan stayed in our room,he......cried at me and said 'I will not let anybody hurt you again I promise!"he said that.".said Yuki again.
"The next day,he said he wanted to learn Tai-chi and Martial Arts I follow him too but only Tai-chi.Maybe that's why his personalities becomes like that or it's because of me.Well his mini laptop...he always brings it with him wherever he goes."said Yuki again.
"Oh yeah I almost forget the words on Kyaromon's digitama it's also on Monodramon's digitama,my dad ask Uncle Jenrya to translate it. So I still remember it."said Yuki.
"But that dosen't mean that to kill all Watermons."shouted R.S.
"Didn't I say that it was to protect me!"shout Yuki back at R.S.
"That also dosen't mean he need to kill those Watermons."shout R.S again.
"You are insane!"shout Yuki and ran back to Frigimon's house.
In Frigimon's house,
"I'm back!"shout Yuki and slam the door as she came 100% into the house.
"Welcome home."greet Frigimon.
"Welcome back,Yuki."said Taka-chan while feeding the awaken Kyaromon with a bottle of milk.
"How's things going?"asked Taka-chan.
"Um..Oh it's kind of useful that scanner."said Yuki.
-Taka-chan looking at Yuki and asked "Did that guy did something to you?".
"Har! No why you asked?"asked Yuki back.
"You look grumpy,angry and kinda sad."said Taka-chan.
"Tell me if he did something to you,ok I'll fix him with Tai-chi or Martial arts."said Taka-chan patting Kyaromon on the back after Kyaromon drank three bottles of hot milk.
"Taka-chan did you ask for milk yourself?"asked Yuki smiling evilly at him.
"No,Frigimon asked me and I said I want three bottles!Taka-chi only fed me and now patting me!"said Kyaromon happily.
"haha that's nice of you Taka-chi!"said Yuki hugging Kyaromon in her chest and rubbing it's back.
While R.S and Chinmon still at the Watermons attack place..

There is something I wanna tell you a long time ago,
I was wondering for a long time whether to tell you or not,
But today I've decided to tell you that I'm a,

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PostSubject: Re: Walkthrough - Let the journey begin!   Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:18 am

Silence. Just cold waves slashing at the rocks.
- Well... Chinmon sat near R.S. - What can I say?
- There`s nothing to say, - R.S. throw small stone in the water - I seem to be mistaking, again and again. Can I ever be right?
- Did you wanted Taka-chan to be the new Digital Emperor? - asked Chinmon.
- No, I didn`t.
- Thenwhat`s matter? You said something that was not naturally real, so come on, smile!
R.S. said nothing, watching the waves.
- Seems they handle perfectly to each other.
- Who?
- Yuki and Taka-chan. Seems I`m not needed there.
- Why do you say that?
- Tha way Taka-chan treats me. He just lets me know that I`m not needed for them.
Silence again.
- R.S... - Chinmon jumped on boy`s knees - Don`t say that. They are your friends, you know!
- I know, but I... But...
- But what?
- I don`t know. My mistakes make people hate me.
- No, no, no! Yuki doesn`t hate you, she is just dissatisfied with your suspictions!
- That`s it.
Chinmon notices something moving under the water close to the shore, and old Watermon appears.
- Whoa! - Chinmon jumps out - Fight again!
- No, unless you want it... - burbled Watermon.
- We don`t want a fight, - R.S. threw another stone. Seems he doesn`t care if there is a dangerous digimon close to him.
- Accept my thanks, - Watermon looked at R.S. - For that Watermons...
- Ya, ya, I`ve let them be, - R.S. threw another stone - But it doesn`t make me feel perfect.
- Is it because of that arguing with that girl?
- Maybe. What is your business?
- Maybe I can help you.
- Wha?
- You heared it right. I can help you.
- But... How? I even didn`t say my problem!
- There is no need to say it. I can help you with your thoughts.
- Another dark proposition? If I will to become powerfull...
- Not at all. Power is nothing without pleasure of that power.
- Well... I guess you`re right...
- Then listen. Something big is going to happen. Something big - and it will happen very soon - and nearby.
- What`s that? Supernova?
- Even worse. You were interested where were all digimons gone.
- How do you know all this?
- Just know. Listen carefully. Soon the Cavern will be opened again and it will put the whole Digital Wirld in great danger. You can stop it. You and the other digidestineg you gather around you.
- Why around me? I`m not "destined to save both worlds". You should say this to Yuki and Taka-chan. After all, THEY had that messages.
- It`s not the matter of message, it`s how do you think. Now you have to go.
- Go where? In the house? I don`t want.
- Not in the house. I think Frigimon can protect them. Your way now is to go deep under the darkness of Elemental Cave to discover... Something. And - thereis another Digidestined lost in tunnels. If you`ll find him, soon you can join Yuki and her brother.
- But why can`t Yuki go with me? And Taka-chan... I don`t like him, but he`s a Digidestined...
- I said all I wanted. It`s you know to think, - Watermon turned around and dissapeared in dark water.
- Let`s go, Chinmon, - said R.S., standing.
- What? - Chinmon looked at R.S. - Am I hearing you right? You want to leave them?
- I don`t need them, - R.S. looked at Frigimon`s house, hearing Yuki laughing - Same they don`t need me. I don`t want them around.
- You want to gain all the glory by yourself?
- I don`t want them to be hurt.
- Oh...

Frigimon looked around.
- Where`s R.S. and Chinmon?
- They are outside, - answered Yuki - Watching for something.
Frigimon came to the window and looked outside.
- Are you sure they are outside?
- Yea, and what?
- That there is no one of them on the shore. The cave is empty.
- What?!! - Yuki ran to the place where they were arguing. Neither R.S., nor Chinmon. Nothing at all.
- I knew there was something wrong with that guy, - said Taka-chan.
- I... - Yuki noticed small letter, written by some sort of lazer on the rock. Seems it was Chinmon.

"We are going under"

- What the hack does mean that? - Yuki looked around - R.S.! Chinmon!
No reply.
- What do you think of that, Frigimon? - asked Yuki.
- I guess i know where they are going now. And if I`m right, it is the wrong thing to do.
- We`ll go and bring them back! - Yuki pulled out her digivice - Wha? Oh, why this little piece of junk doesn`t give me a map?
- Cause it is Elemental Cavern, - answered Frigimon - And there is no location here marked in your maps.
- Wait... - Yuki clicked another button - I`m catching a signal... It`s R.S. And ther is Chinmon! We can go and search for them!
- No, you can`t, - said Frigimon.
- Why? We have signal...
- You can track them down but I won`t let you to go down.
- What do you mean by that? - Taka-chan stand up - Is it a trap?
- No. I will do you no harm, but I won`t let you go there. At least now.
- But why, Frigimon? - asked Monodramon - Ther are our friends!
- First - it is very dangerous outside...
- We fear no danger! - said Taka-chan.
- There are beasts that even Black War Greymon tryes to avoid. If you don`t think of yourself - think of your sister and your partners. They are not experienced enough to go there.
- And the second? - asked Monodramon.
- The second what?
- You said "the first". It means that there is "the second".
Frigimon looked in the deep of the cave.
- It is his own path. He chosed it by himself. You shoudn`t stop him.
Kid`s digivices start to glow.
- I think it`s your time to go, - Frigimon put sleeping Kyaromon in Taka-chan`s hands - You should leave to the real world now.
- But... - Yuki raised her head - R.S...
- Don`t worry, Yuki. He`ll be fine, I sence it, - aid Monodramon - And he`ll surely return back. After all, he`s our friend, right?

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Walkthrough - Let the journey begin!
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