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 Sky Temple

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PostSubject: Sky Temple   Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:42 pm

- So, this is it, - said R.S, staying on the giant stairs that were leading to the Sky Temple - We came, we see... And we will come up with a plan. Alex, how are you there?
- Jungle look quite nice... - sounded Alex from the F-digivice - We are in the center of the ruins, there is nothing dangerous here... At least now... But the sky is red. Same there?
- Yeah, - R.S looked at red-and-orange clouds over the flying island - It looks beautifull... And scary.
He sighed.
- We have to join the other Digidestined and then stop the Kings. But first we have to find the way of how to find them. Any idea?
- Let`s wait for the others, - supposed Alex - Then we will come up with a plan.
- Alex, release my tail! - suddenly shouted Coronamon - Just like kid...
- Sure. Be carefull, sister.
- Same about you, brother. See you!
R.S put aside his digivice and sit near Chinmon, looking at the clowds.
- Is Yallarimon so scary as I see him? - asked partner.
- I guess, after all, he is the King. The Ancient. But together I think we can make it. And... Let`s go.
- Where?
- We will try to find someone of normal digimons here. I can`t believe all of them are gone. And it would help us a lot, if we will find them. Come with me?
- Sure! - Chinmon jumped on boy`s head - Come on!

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Sky Temple
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