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 Jungle Empire of the Sun

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PostSubject: Jungle Empire of the Sun   Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:50 pm

- So, this is it, - said R.S`s voice from the F-digivice - We came, we see... And we will come up with a plan. Alex, how are you there?
- Jungle look quite nice... - Alex sit on the stone, looking at the ruins surrounding her - We are in the center of the ruins, there is nothing dangerous here... At least now... But the sky is red. Same there?
- Yeah, it looks beautifull... And scary. We have to join the other Digidestined and then stop the Kings. But first we have to find the way of how to find them. Any idea?
- Let`s wait for the others, - supposed Alex, catching Coronamon`s tail - Then we will come up with a plan.
- Alex, release my tail! - Coronamon sighed - Just like kid...
- Sure. Be carefull, sister.
- Same about you, brother. See you!
F-digivice clicked, and the silence felt on the ruins. Alex released Coronamon and raised up, looking at the sun in the flaming clouds.
- What are we going to do now? - partner yawned - It seems quite here.
- Too quiet?
- Maybe.
- Well, we can wait here. Or... We can explore this ruins. Who knows? Maybe we will find a Super-Elemental Egg that will become the powerful ally?
- I am powerful myself, - said Coronamon - Shesh... But yeah, we might be able to find someone here. Someone... Not-from-Cavern. They could help.
- Sure, my little lion-hearted friend. Let`s go?
- Let`s go... But be carefull.

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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Jungle Empire of the Sun
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