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PostSubject: Read first!   Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:37 am

Remember - Quests are much more dangerous than Arena battle circles, cause here are many digimons and no one to control them. And if you think that DATA squad will help you to win - you`re wrong. So think carefully before taking a Quest!

There are four levels of Quests, here is their description:

Easy (Elementary Quest) - just a trip with a reward at the end. Nothing quite serious, nothing quite dangerous, but look for your partner - even small rookies can cause many damage to him. Recommended to players who had just started their taming career.

Medium (EXP Quest) - this is more like a dangerous journey to the dangerous world. Here you can meet Rookies, you can meet Champions, sometimes - even Ultimates, but very rarely. This type of Quest is recommended for advanced tamers willing to get more powerfull items and more battle/digivolution EXP for their partner. Be carefull - it may be dangerous here.

Hard (Profi Quest) - this quest is nothing like last two ones. Every step here is extremely dangerous, and you can find here opponents from Champion to Mega levels. So think twice before taking such level Quest. Recommended only for the most experienced tamers with powerfull modify cards and real battle experienced partners.

Mega (Nightmare Quest) - this is not even a profi Quest. Even WarGreymon and Justimon are in great danger if they walk here. Every opponent you find here is a blood-seeking deadly-dangerous monster willing to torn you to pieces. Even rewards here are so powerfull that can easily take over your partner, turning him into his virus form. You need to be a Card Master, and gather your friends around you to pass this Quest without being killed. So don`t surprise when you`ll meet someone like MaloMyotismon here - he could be only a servant of someone hidden in darkness of the Quest.

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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