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 How to write the topic?

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PostSubject: How to write the topic?   Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:28 am

First, create your topic named, for example, "Dilenn and Agumon", in "Character`s topics".

Then simply follow this structure:

Name - name of your tamer. Please don`t call him Spiderman or YRU23497, it must be a real-normal name.

Age - how old is your tamer. If you wish, you can also write a birthday. Smile

Where from - where is your tamer from. It can be a place all over the world, from equator to the Poles, cause you can enter Digital World with a Digiport all over the world. Smile Digiport is active in every type of a digivice.

Clothes - what is he wearing now and in Digital World, if it is different. remember, that if he wears T-shirt, he`ll be cold in cold parts of Digital World. Remember also that if he lives in Africa he rarely wears a T-shirt.

Outlook - how does he looks.

Character - write his or her character here. Be carefull when completing this part. For example, if you write he is strike to rules don`t say after that that we wisses school to go to the Digital World. Smile

Crest - if he has a crest, name it. By the way, if you choose your digivice 3 season - you still must write your crest here, it means that you`ll just earn it later. You can write either already existing Crest, either your own creation. Also you can display here a picture of it.

Digivice - choose the one is yours. There are five types of start types - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seasons. If you`ll choose 1 season, you`ll got your Crest at the beginning, but you`ll have neither cards no digieggs. Same about others. Note that if you`ll choose 1 season digivice and one day earn a card stock as a reward - you`ll be able to play them as well in your digivice. Here we are creating a new model of a digivice, which can do everything that other digivices can do. It`s name is G-digivice, so you have a G-digivice, but first time it`s incomplete. Got it? Smile By the way, you can open a Digital Gate from any type from the beginning.

Additional - here write what else you`ve got, f.e. laptop, phone, googles and other stuff.

Partner - here name your partner digimon, show his pictures if you have them. You can create a digimon by yourself, but remember, it won`t be very strong in the beginning.

About partner - describe your partner`s character. Remember, that he changes when digivolves. You can see it when Monodramon digivolves to Cyberdramon.

Digital forms - what digital forms he can reach from the beginning, without armour digivolving, crest, DNA and other stuff evolutions.

Look here to get more information about new digivolutions available:

History - History of your pair. How and when did you met each other? Why did your tamer got digivice (remember, that he must earn the right to get a digivice and partner digimon). Describe it as carefully as possible - it will be interesting to read for everybody.

Here is the example:

Please don`t create already existing characters or extremely powerfull digimons. Remember, not every tamer is strong enough to keep Cyberdramon under control. If you got something not clear - write a topic here: or PM a moderator. He`ll try to answer you as fast as possible. You can use other personal topics as examples. Please don`t write in them - only creators and Hypnos members can do it.

As you complete your own topic, send PM to the moderators and wait. Your topic will be checked by Hypnos member, and then you can go in the Game. Did I make it clear? Then - good luck! Smile

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How to write the topic?
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