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 R.S. and Chinmon

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PostSubject: R.S. and Chinmon   Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:38 am

Name – R.S.

Age – 17

Where from – Greengrad, Moscow, Russia

Clothes – Brown jeans, black T-shirt

Outlook – a teenager, grey-eyed, dark hair medium length, confidently-ironical sight, strong, tall. Training shoes and dark-blue bandage.

Character – Cheerful, kind and life-loving. This guy can`t be bored, he even doesn`t know how to feel like that. Always active, always positive. He loves adventures, music and table card games. Good horce-rider, one time learned this sport at special school. Self-assured, always helpful, if someone is in need. He`s calm, never argues, always change everything into joke. Good, but sometimes specific cense of humor. Student, he spends a great amount of time training and playing with his partner Chinmon. He has his own codex, and never breaks it. He`s not lonely, but tries to be on his own – exept his partner and closest friends. Powerful card player, countless winner of the tournaments. There is nothing clear about his private life, exept when he himself speaks about it. He`s fond of traveling, especially in Digiworld. Never shows his problems, trying to solve them on his own. Sociable, sincere. Brave, through he has some fobies, the most powerful of what are spiders. His card stock really inspires respect, but he never forces Chinmon to join the battle – only if it`s training or Arena battle circle. Or a dangerous situation and there is no other way. Doesn`t like conflicts, always solving problems peacefully. Follows rules, but if there`s no other way – break them down easily. Always handles everything to the end. And one more thing - no one knows his real name, but everyone call him R.S. for short. Maybe, it is supposed to be his short form of a name, who knows...

Digivice – 3 season (compass, positioning, card reader, digimon library, digiport, map)

Additional – PPC, smartphone

Partner –Chinmon – Rookie

- Furymon (Champion)

– IceLeomon (Ultimate) Water Elemental Digivolution

– Mega (Matrix Evolution) Dreamdramon

- Mega (Dark Crest Digivolution) Ancient Spynxmon

- Mega (Crest digivolution) BanchoLeomon

- Armour Grapleomon

- Werwolf
Coronamon (rookie),

Dorugamon (Champion),

LoaderLeomon (Ultimate),

ChaosWarGreymon (Mega)

About partner – This digimon is mostly like his partner – little and cute, through he`s really brave and thinks calmly. He`s childish and likes to play. Not always his thoughts are correct, but R.S. always listens to them. He can evolve to Ultimate without any problems, cause for a long time traveling with they`ve seen a lot of adventures.

Digital forms – Fresh, In Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega (Matrix Evolution).

History – From ten years R.S. really enjoyed Digimons. He sincerely thought they were real, that it was not a TV-show. Maybe, that`s because he is ultimate card player – he cares about his partner first, and only then about victory. One day, watching TV tournament where both card players were slashing cards without thinking about their partners, R.S. thought: "I`d never do that to my partner if I had one. If I had one..." He closed his eyes, willing to imagine his perfect partner digimon in best. It would be not like any other digimon. It will be... And his wish became true. Huge flash of light, something heavy in his arm… And R.S. realized that he is holding a digivice, and there is his very own real-life digiegg, blue with golden lightnings, lying on his bed.

No matter where darkness falls, a light shines within.
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R.S. and Chinmon
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