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 Takasaki and Kudamon.

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PostSubject: Takasaki and Kudamon.   Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:16 am

Name – Akiyama Takasaki.

Age – 15/6 June 1993

Where from – Tokyo,Japan.

Clothes – black t-shirt,blue jeans, a black punk style belt,a blue waist bag hang around his waist,dark blue gloves,a Baby-G watch on the left hand,wears a black one-sided ear-ring from Yuki as a birthday present and also brings a MP3 every where he goes including the Digital world,he even has a mini laptop with him.

Outlook – a teenager with black hair colour.

Character – silent,hates crowd,only smiles in condition area or he is with Yuki.He is a twin brother to Yuki,his character somehow looks like his mother Ruki Makino.He has his partner when he first arrived at the digital world.Plays cards with Yuki in his free time.Never has a good relationship with his classmates.Learns Tai-chi and martial arts.He is good with Kudamon both of them has the same personalities.Same like Yuki his parents are Akiyama Ryo and Ruki Makino.Scares nothing except losing Yuki.Has the same colour Digivice like Yuki's.He dosen't care what happens to other people but if is his parents and Yuui or Yuki he will turn into a kind and cares for people. Takasaki plays a violin with Yuki in the real world.
He helps to fight the students that were bullied by big guys,but he didn't get a thank you instead being called a monster coz his fighting skill are good but looks kind of horrible.but sometimes the bullys that has nothing to do with his school students comes to punch him up but he doesn't fight back coz he has a reward for not fighting back Yuki will hug her gentlely even though her parents ask her to but Yuki dosen't mind just to pull Takasaki out of fighting back.

Digivice – 3 season(compass, positioning, card reader, digimon library, digiport, map)cards.

Additional – PPC, smartphone

Crest- Blackmoon Crest.

Crest Digivolution- Owryumon

* Eiseiryuuoujin (永世竜王刃 Eternal Dragon King Blade)
* Golden Armor (黄鎧)

Dark Crest Digivolution- Ancientsphinxmon.

* Necro Eclipse: Fires beams from his ruby-eyes.
* Dark Blast: Rears up on his hind legs and crashes down, gathering dark energy in his mouth which is released as an orb towards the enemy.

Light Crest Digivolution- Valkyrimon

Feral Sword (Fenrir Sword): Uses its sword to freeze everything in its path in a single slash.
Lightning Arrow (Aurvandil's Arrow): Uses its crossbow to fire arrows at its enemies.
Laser Javelin: Fires an explosive javelin.
Punishing Storm (Sanction Storm): Raises a tornado by throwing out the shield on its arm

Partner –Fresh-Puffmon

Elements-Water (Megaseadramon)

* Thunder Javelin (Lightning Javelin): Fires numerous electrical streams from his horn.
* Mega Ice Blast: Shoots a freezing cold blast from his mouth.
* Maelstrom: Summons great amounts of water to surround the opponent in a waterspout.
* Ice Storm: Summons a hail storm that rains huge ice needles.
DNA digivolution Partner-Yuki and Monodramon.
DNA digivolution-Magnadramon.

Fire Tornado (Holy Flame): A spiraling flame is shot from the mouth.
Dragon Fire (Apocalypse): Calls down energy bolts from the heavens to strike her opponents.
Hermit Fog: Sprays forth a mist from her mouth that corrodes anything that it touches.

About partner – Kudamon is a calm and collected sort who carries out precise assessments of things and can progress through battle with superiority and smugness. It is said that he accumulates holy power in his left earring every day, intending to use the energy to digivolve eventually.

Digital forms – Fresh, In Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega (Matrix Evolution).

Attacks-Kudamon-Crystal Aura and Shining Blast.
Reppamon-Wild Claw,Flip Blade and Wind Scythe.
Qillinmon-Ramming Horn,Quick Speed and Hyper Radiance.
Sleipmon- Inferno Frost andOdin's Breath and Holy Arrow(destroys any virus on any digimon.)

History – Takasaki is the opposite of Yuki,from a happy and cheerful Yuki to a silent and feels guilty that anything happens to Yuki. He plays card games just to train Yuki. He got a violin from his parents when he won a music tournament. When is Yuki and his 7th birthday Yuki gave him a one-sided black ear-ring and he gave a blue one-sided earing.He appreciate it more than his life. His partner only meets him at digital world.He get his digivice when he first ame to the digital world,and also when he touch his digitama the Digivice appear in his hands.Ryo and Ruki was worried when they found him not in his room. They thought that he and Yuki may have CONNECTION and it brought him to thet digital world.His family members has 5 members including him.His parents Ryo and Ruki,his elder brother Akiyama Yuuiand his twin elder sister,Yuki.His elder brother,Yuui lives at America as a computer programmer,he seldom comes home except that the days are special or he needs to go to Japan from an errand.[/i]

There is something I wanna tell you a long time ago,
I was wondering for a long time whether to tell you or not,
But today I've decided to tell you that I'm a,


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PostSubject: Re: Takasaki and Kudamon.   Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:02 am

Well... A new Digidestined - a new friend, huh? Everything is okay, but your story is incomplete. You didn`t mention how he got his digivice - it`s first. Then you didn`t choose what device you want at first - Crest, Digiegg, Cards, Spirit? Remember, you can choose only one of them. Write it here before continuing his journey.

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Takasaki and Kudamon.
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