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 Yuuta and Kudamon

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Partner`s info
Health (Stamina):
100/200  (100/200)
100/250  (100/250)

PostSubject: Yuuta and Kudamon   Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:26 am

EXP - 1000
Digivice - 3 season
Cards - middle power stock
Crest - Nothing
Digieggs - Nothing
DNA partner - no one
Spirit - nothing
Element - Water
Dark Crest - nothing
Rank - Digidestined
Quests Completed - None
Arena fights:
One to one - None
Group fight - None
Tournament - None
Storylines - Walkthrough (Going under)
ShadowSeraphymon (Yuki`s story)

EXP (Digivolving) - 330
EXP (Battle) - 300
Max level reached - Ultimate
Matrix digivolution - +
Card Slash evolution - +
DNA digivolution - unable
Crest digivolution - unable
Digiegg digivolution - unable
Burst Evolution - unable
Spirit evolution - unable
Hyper spirit evolution - unable

Digimons beaten - 13
Battle Cores - 20

Silent,hates crowd,only smiles in condition area or he is with Yuki.He is a twin brother to Yuki,his character somehow looks like his mother Ruki Makino.He has his partner when he first arrived at the digital world.Plays cards with Yuki in his free time.Never has a good relationship with his classmates.Learns Tai-chi and martial arts.He is good with Kudamon both of them has the same personalities.Same like Yuki his parents are Akiyama Ryo and Ruki Makino.Scares nothing except losing Yuki.Has the same colour Digivice like Yuki's.He dosen't care what happens to other people but if is his parents and Yuui or Yuki he will turn into a kind and cares for people. Takasaki plays a violin with Yuki in the real world.
He helps to fight the students that were bullied by big guys,but he didn't get a thank you instead being called a monster coz his fighting skill are good but looks kind of horrible.but sometimes the bullys that has nothing to do with his school students comes to punch him up but he doesn't fight back coz he has a reward for not fighting back Yuki will hug her gentlely even though her parents ask her to but Yuki dosen't mind just to pull Takasaki out of fighting back.

About partner Kudamon is a calm and collected sort who carries out precise assessments of things and can progress through battle with superiority and smugness. It is said that he accumulates holy power in his left earring every day, intending to use the energy to digivolve eventually.

+ For being a Digital Friends member and being active for so long time here`s a Digital Member Card:
+500 Personal EXP
+100 both Battle and Digivolving EXP.
This gives your digimon ability to digivolve up to Ultimate. Congratulations!

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Yuuta and Kudamon
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