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 Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version

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PostSubject: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version   Mon May 12, 2008 9:08 am

This is the longer version of Ayumi and Puyu-chan's first meeting, the shortcut can be found on "Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan)" at Already tested character`s forum.

Ayumi is an orphan, her parents passed away when she was still young baby and she was brought up by her strict aunt. Having no talent in social studies and sports and being neglected by her Aunt, she is always scolded. During those times her older brother cheered her up but it was told that he disappeared in his summer camp. After that incident she then felt lonely, until a miracle happens to change her life:

The story begins....

While she was playing a video game in her laptop she then got bored but did not notice a small egg appearing in her laptop. She then went to the extension of her room.

When Ayumi first entered the Digi-World she remembered some images of the past when her Older Brother was there with her. And there was a memory she would never forget, the day when she saw her Onii-chan for the very last time. After remembering all the memories of the past she stared at the Moon's nightlight and said to herself...

"I wish I could have a trustworthy friend, someone who you can talk to when you’re lonely.” When she said that to herself, she hugging her laptop. A very bright light shined and she heard a voice that sounds familiar it said,” Do you want to have a partner?” She heard the voice and said,” Yes. I usually feel lonely because nobody ever understands me at all,they would think that I made stories but its the truth,I've waited so long to have a partner.” There was no respond but the light swallowed her up and she woke up in a mysterious place.

She woke up and saw a little egg and G-Digivice with her in a mysterious place, she carried it with her along the way. She walked along a quiet path, surrounded by short bushy trees on both sides. The creatures she saw where not like the creatures in the real world, each one she saw passing by had mysterious powers. She heard some singing somewhere in the bushes; she followed the singing and saw lots of creatures having a fest. Then she was surprised when she noticed that the egg she was holding hatched into a Yukimibotamon.

"Yukimibotamon is my name and it’s very nice to meet you,” It introduced itself and told her to follow it. The Yukimibotamon ran and she followed it and saw a small sign. It reads, "Primary Village."

Right after the sign the path ends, and before she knew it the Yukimibotamon stops and talks to another creature called Piccolomon and he takes a glance on her. And she saw a field covered with many bright colored digi-eggs! He said,” Welcome to the Digi-World. I am Piccolomon, the guardian of Primary Village. Don’t worry I'm not going to hurt you. This is Yukimibotamon, She will be your partner in the Digi-World, protecting you and helping you in whatever you do. Just take care of her and she will return the favor to you. You can tell when this G-Digivice glows, It can do alot of stuff for you and your digimon, you’ll learn a lot more by experience."

Then she doubts,” Partner?!" Then the Piccolomon explains it all to her. It told her about the special place, "This is a very special village, with special digi-eggs. You see, when you get one of these eggs it has the potential to hatch into a certain Digimon! All you do is take the digi-egg, and care for it. It will hatch when your heart is ready for this adventure."

She, Yukimibotamon and the Piccolomon have come to a big sign. It reads,” The Digital Apartment.” He shows Ayumi and Yukimibotamon to the room both of them are staying in. He tells Ayumi about the Digi-world and Digimons along the way.

"Oh, I almost forgot," It said, holding something in his right arm. he gave it to Ayumi and she looked at it and began to question,” What’s this for?" he smiled and answered,” That key is for your apartment you will be staying. Tomorrow you will start your adventure to the Digi-World with other Digidestines like you," Yukimibotamon hopped around and gladly said,

"Yay!!!Now I have a partner, I was waiting for someone for a long time." Ayumi didn't say anything for awhile after a few minutes she just smiled at Yukimibotamon. It was very happy that something unexpected happened to it,

When Ayumi was looking around she looked back at Yukimibotamon surprised, "Kyaa! Yukimibotamon what’s happening?!" she cried. She noticed her G-Digivice was glowing and she then ran to Piccolomon. "What happened?” he said and she then told him what happened to Yukimibotamon. "Yukimibotamon is Digivolving, because of your love and care she will change her physical appearance and grow into a better partner, but since it you where very good to her she Warp digivolved into her Rookie Form as Plotmon instead of a Nyaromon." She and the Piccolomon ran and saw her Yukimibotamon turned into a Nyaromon then a Plotmon and after that she hugged it. And asked it how it Digivolved the Plotmon then smiled and said,

"Ayumi-chan, Having you right by my side made my life a lot more interesting that what I expect it to be, you gave me a reason to live. You made me laugh when I could no longer smile. You protected me when I could no longer stand and you did remarkable things just to make me happy, I couldn’t imagine life without you as my partner.

You are the diamond inside my heart... Shining like the stars at night, like the light from the sun. You mean everything to me, that am why I am willing to risk my life just to protect you..."

Ayumi just smiled, Plotmon set her hand on Ayumi's shoulder. She looked up at her partner, almost looking like she was going to cry because of joy.

"Plotmon, I…" Ayumi was unable to find the words. She ran into Plotmon's arms and began to cry. Plotmon smiled and patted her head.
"I think it's time we should go, Ayumi-chan." Plotmon brought her in their apartment. She was held tight in Plotmon’s arms. They both walked to the Apartment and rested there. They enjoyed company with each other then Ayumi called the Plotmon as Puyu-chan for short. While Ayumi was sleeping Puyu-chan whispered to the sleeping Ayumi, "Someday I will learn to protect you like what you did to me..."
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PostSubject: Re: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version   Mon May 12, 2008 9:19 am

I'm not really good at rating it but it sounds good to me. Puttomon enjoyed it alot too, Both of us think its not a bad story but quite creative. Goodluck and hope others enjoy this heartwarming story!
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PostSubject: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version.   Mon May 12, 2008 9:34 am

It's good!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version   Tue May 13, 2008 2:35 am

Nice Story^^
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PostSubject: Re: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version   Tue May 13, 2008 5:57 am

Yep, it`s a nice one.

Here, take some reward.

+40 Personal EXP
+30 both Digivolving and Battle EXP

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PostSubject: Re: Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version   

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Ayumi and Plotmon (Puyu-chan) : Longer Version
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