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 A Time for Digidestiny

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PostSubject: A Time for Digidestiny   Wed May 14, 2008 7:46 am

Quest difficulty - Medium
Max players - 7+3 - 10

In the Digital World, there is a place where all kinds of Ghost digimons show up and terrorize a village. They hold the Digimon for ransom too. And seperate the Digimon from its partner which is brought to another dimension. This happened when the three Celesial Digimons fought and neglected the Digi-World and the Dark Masters took over, now its up to 10 Digidestines to save the Villagers of that place. Finishing all those Evil Digimons without destroying the village,itself.

Some In-Training that where saved by their parents including a Koromon ,Tanemon ,Bukamon ,Pyokomon ,Tsunomon ,Motimon, Tokomon and a Nyaromon continue to beg for the help of Ten Digidestines (Which they call heroes XD) to save their village and other Digidestines and Digimons held for ransom... Before their place get completly wreaked. There will be seven Digidestines who will stop the Digimons from destroying the place and three Digidestines who will try to stop the 3 Celestial Digimons from fighting...

Rewards - Crest (choose one);
Digi-Eggs (Choose two eggs);
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A Time for Digidestiny
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